Dominique de Bellefroid is a Belgian painter born in 1966, currently living and working between Bruxelles and her studio in Provence

Early on, she developed a taste for art in many forms, including clothing design, drawing, weaving, mosaic, and painting.

After training as a stylist in Florence, Bellefroid studied Fine Arts for three years at Heatherley School of Art in London, then took painting and weaving classes for several years at the Constantin Meunier Academy in Brussels.

She has been dedicating herself entirely to painting for the past 15 years, as it offers her a way to channel and express the constant flow of ideas that spring from her mind.

Alongside her artistic career, Bellefroid discovered yoga and regularly travelled to India to learn its philosophy, before teaching it herself for about ten years. She also trained in naturopathy and coaching. All these care techniques, closely related to human beings in their three dimensions and vibrations, are transposed into her artistic research and her art.

Her passion for textiles and weaving continues to influence her work, as she often prefers to paint on the raw linen side of the canvas, allowing the weave to show through the colours applied like spontaneous patterns.

Bellefroid navigates between figurative and abstract art, driven mainly by her heightened sense of colour and great spontaneity. Her style allows her to be free in her choice of supports and materials, sometimes using fine oil glazes or thick oil sticks.

During a trip to Japan, where she was fascinated by the skies in woodblock prints, Bellefroid directed her research to develop mastery in color gradients, which she juxtaposes and sometimes superimposes in numerous successive layers of glazes. Some paintings can take several months to complete.

A feeling of joy, a heartfelt impulse unique to her and which she seeks to convey through her painting, emanates from all her works.

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